Focus on how plants can affect mood, ambiance, and the overall air quality.

Did you know that indoor plants have positive effects? Those who love and enjoy indoor gardening can attest to it. Science does agree too- plants can affect your mood, the ambiance, and the overall quality of air. 

Research study shows that indoor planting reduces levels of stress physiologically and psychologically. There is something joyful and relaxing whenever you cultivate plants. Just seeing green plants and lush grass makes you feel comfortable and soothing. In other words, therapeutic, isn't it? 

In fact, horticultural therapy has been around for centuries and is utilized to improve the mood and well-being of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, among other mental illnesses. Because of this therapeutic effect of plants, they may help you recover from several kinds of illness, surgery, and injury. The reason why hospitals need to set a natural and plants scenery as patients can look at those plants and flowers during their recovery periods. By simply doing this, it is revealed that patients may speed up their recovery faster than those who don't during their stay in the hospital. 

Not only in the hospitals but also your cubicle or workspace, putting up more plants can increase your productivity, creativity, and overall mood. A recent study showed that people with more plants in their workspace were even more productive and had fewer sick leaves than those who don't. 

Plants may not only reduce your stress level or increase your happy mood, but they may also improve the quality of indoor air. This fact is backed up by a NASA study conducted in a sealed spacecraft. Researchers found out that the roots and soil of plants reduced a great amount of airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

In reality, you don't need new technologies or air purifiers if you have a large collection of plants at home. Besides, that is a natural way to freshen the air.

Boston fern, rubber trees, bamboo palms are just some of the indoor plants considered to be the most effective natural air fresheners. 

Despite all these positive benefits and effects of having house plants around, take note that some are toxic, and asthma and allergies triggers. Surely, putting up indoor plants whether at your home or in your office can promote focus, increase productivity, boosts creativity, relieve stress, speed up your recovery, and it may even help improve the overall quality of air. The list of positive effects goes on. 

However, if you have children or pets in the home, or if you have asthma or allergies, and other inflammatory diseases, be aware of the plant species that can prompt those symptoms. 

Still, it's undeniable that having plants around makes you and your environment feel and look healthier and happier. When the pandemic strikes, the number of plantitos and plantitas (plant dads and moms) surges. And this is not just due to food security or the power of social media. 

Want to have the best workmate or stress reliever? Perhaps it's time to put on the gloves and start planting or plant shopping! 

Positive Effects of Having House Plants