Interior Design/Home Staging

We also offer both interior design and home staging that are personalized and reflective of your distinct taste and style. Our interior design and home staging services apply to all types of rooms. 

Plant Harmony interior designers are knowledgeable about designing not only a functional but also a beautiful space that will last for decades. After the consultation, our designers will draft design concepts based on your budget and requirements. From construction to remodeling, we will make sure that our design solution is perfect for your specific needs. 

If you need to prepare your residence for a sale or bid, then home staging would be more suitable. We also offer home staging services that include decluttering, complete overhauls such as installing new flooring, simple paint, drape, and upholstery color updates, painting, hanging of new paintings or artwork, minor repairs, and adding or removing furniture or complementary accessories. 

Our home staging designers will assess your private property, and give you their recommendations that will help highlight and emphasize the positive aspects of your house, making it a welcoming and attractive home ready to have a new owner. 

Interior Design