Horticulture Services

Our Horticulture services include irrigation maintenance, tree and shrub trimming, lawn mowing, landscape enhancement, as well as pest and disease management. 

An irrigation system that functions properly is key to a green and healthy lawn all season long. Maintaining an irrigation system includes installation, seasonal site checks and repairs, winterization, among others. An assessment of your current irrigation system, reworking aging systems, and adopting smart technologies such as lawn sprinkler systems into the existing system are some of the other services that our in-house irrigation crews may work to address any irrigation issue. 

Tree and shrub trimming and lawn care services are also provided weekly, especially during the active growing season. Our trained staff is equipped with timing and trimming methods on a wide variety of shrubs and trees. 

Lawn mowing is an essential component of most lawn care services. Aeration, seeding, weed control, and shrub care are also offered. Aside from fertilizing the lawn, taking down the weeds, health of the soil, and controlling the disease, grass conditions need also to be treated. At Plant Harmony, we know that all these care are important for a lawn to be not only drought-proof and disease or weed-free but that it will also be lush and more appealing to prospective buyers. 

Tired of a boring backyard? Or do you simply aim for a landscaping design that truly stands out? Revamp your landscape with our Landscape enhancement services. It normally includes the removal of existing dying trees and overgrown shrubs, replanting, seasonal plantings, and any necessary landscape improvements that will enhance your landscape's overall aesthetic appeal and sustainability in the long run. For a quality landscape design and enhancement, you can always rely on our expert team. 

Aside from landscape maintenance and enhancements, we also offer pest and disease management services. Our highly-trained experts will do their best to control weeds, minimize leaching, among other pesticide and fertilizer treatments. Our pesticide applicators understand how certain products affect the plants, the timing of fertilizer application, and the proper diagnosis of plant pests and diseases. We can create a plan to treat the plants, trees, and shrubs at the right time with the right pesticide once the pest is identified at the property. 

Whatever are your needs and desire to achieve and keep your landscape in its full bloom and function, our horticulturists are here, ready to serve you. Plant Harmony is looking forward to getting your lawn green, healthy, and pest-free.