Plant Lingo

Struggling with all the different plant lingo? Here's a quick lowdown for a starter: 


Perennials are plants that live for over two years. So your perennials should return year after year if you consistently cut back your stems and dig up your bulbs. For a visually attractive garden, go for lotus and tulip flowers. 

Many herbs are perennials. If done right, you can ensure a steady supply of mint, sage, thyme, and even rosemary for years. Perennials are essential to soil management as their extensive root systems prevent soil erosion and weed control. Sowing perennials is best if done in spring as the warming soil encourages growth. 


Annuals are plants that perform their whole life cycle within one year from growth to reproduction to death all in one season. And they will not come back. Annual plants should thrive through consistent pruning and daily watering. Famous annual plants include lily flowers, corn, watermelon, and even peas. 

Seasonal Crops

Plants can also be classified based on the crop seasons to know when they can be sown and harvested to reap better benefits. They are classified into three groups, namely: Rabi crops, Kharif crops, and Zaid crops. 

Rabi crops (e.g. Wheat, gram, mustard, potatoes, peas, and so on) are sown in winter. Due to rainwater, this type of crop has a great risk of getting damaged. Hence , you have to grow them after the rains. 

Kharif crops,on the other hand, are summer crops since they are sown in the summer season. Examples of Kharif crops are Rice, Maize, Cotton, Tobacco. Ground Nut, Millet, etc. 

While Zaid crops are crops that are mostly grown between the Rabi and Kharif crops. They require warm weather for their growth. Zaid crops mainly produce seasonal fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, sugarcane, musk melon, cucumber, etc. 

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